Oregon dating age laws

26-Nov-2017 00:02

Assault in the 4th degree is a very common charge in cases of domestic violence.

Usually, assaults in the 1st-3rd degrees, which are felonies, involve more serious physical injuries (those that involve substantial risk of death, disfigurement, and loss of function), or physical injuries through the reckless or intentional use of a deadly or dangerous weapon.

Marriage is a binding contract between two people of either sex who agree to take each other as spouses.

The marriage contract grants rights and duties on both parties.

As with many American states, Oregon places age restrictions on which individuals may receive a tattoo.

Just as state and federal governments restrict minors from activities like voting, drinking and smoking, laws placed on body art aim to protect minors from possible abuse or coercion due to their age and inexperience.

In Oregon, individuals must be at least 18 before receiving a tattoo.

Violation of this law results in a fine and possible revocation of the artist's license to tattoo in the state. Oregon does not allow an exception for parental consent or supervision for tattooing a minor.

15 or older may consent to any treatment; 14 or older may consent to mental health or substance abuse treatment; any age may consent to venereal disease treatment Oregon Revised Statutes 109.610, et seq.: Rights of Minors Legal Responsibilities of Minors and Parents Most states have a legal process whereby a minor can become an adult in the eyes of the law.The laws usually address unwanted sexual contact, except when the victim Assault in the 4th degree: the person intentionally, knowingly or recklessly causes physical injury to another; or causes physical injury through the negligent use of a deadly weapon.

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