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07-Aug-2017 02:56

But the thing that has given me the most lasting impression of Armenia is the landscape, in which millions of years of this country's prehistory have been recorded, spanning from the early hominin occupation, recorded most notably at the archaeological site of Nor Geghi, Armenia's pre-Christian and Christian heritage, evident by the hundreds of tiny churches and monasteries nestled in valleys, and the abandoned hotels in the Hrazdan Gorge at Arzni, relicts of Armenia's Soviet past.

The aspect that I am most interested in as part of the PAGES project is the Pleistocene history of the country, focusing on two river valleys – the Hrazdan and Debed.

The Turkish government – but, thank God, not all the Turkish people – have maintained their petulant and childish denial of this fact of history on the grounds that the Armenians were not killed according to a plan (the old “chaos of war” nonsense), and that the word “genocide” was anyway coined only after the Second World War and thus cannot apply to them.

On that basis, the First World War wasn’t the First World War because it wasn’t called the First World War at the time!

Arriving in Yerevan for my first trip of many over the next 2.5 years (also my first day as a PDRA, plus without my baggage, stress levels were pretty high!

), the first thing I saw was the impressive snow-capped Mts.

CONTRIBUTE: Help shape a nation by applying knowledge and skills learned on campus.

MAKE NEW FRIENDS: Meet passionately curious volunteers like yourself from all around the world who come to work toward a common goal.

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Explore new challenges and discover new career options, and get in touch with your inner you!Your new friend is totally different from your western or American counterpart. It is difficult to date an Armenian Beauty due to various reasons.It is not because they don’t like boys but due to their family values.From career-oriented, professional internships to community service placements, you’ll have a myriad of choices to work in your field of interest with Birthright Armenia.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Do rewarding and meaningful work together with dozens of local counterparts on the ground to make an impact and bring about positive change in Armenia.

BE AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION: Volunteering is an excellent way to gain valuable work experience and even more impressive when that volunteerism is performed internationally.

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