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18-Nov-2017 22:19

Compared with today’s high-end, computerized machines that include truly thrilling and time-saving features like automatic thread cutters, high-speed sewing, and 200-plus stitches, Featherweights are almost laughable—they basically go forward and back with a straight stitch—but that simplicity is part of their charm. “There are just a few things that go wrong with them and if there’s a problem, cleaning is often all it takes to get them running right,” says Roger Hicks, who teaches Featherweight maintenance classes at fabric shops near his Iowa City, Iowa, home.He notes that his students, mostly women who are used to calling in expert repairpersons and don’t think of themselves as mechanically inclined, are pleasantly surprised to learn they can maintain their Featherweights themselves.Sewalot presents, Buying a Singer Featherweight by Alex Askaroff.The Singer model 221 and Singer model 222 are dearly sought after and here we discuss a few points to look out for when buying one of these beauties.Its bobbin had to be inserted into a bobbin case, then the case was inserted into the machine vertically to the left of the needle.When threading the needle it had to be threaded from left to right.

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the problem is this long number is the serial number and we need the machine model number to help with parts, feet, needles etc.Luckily, a quick search online yielded several resources that helped me narrow down my Singer's model number.

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